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  Agricultural Chemical Usage Reports

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   Chemical Use Data in Quick Stats 2.0

Beginning in May 2010, NASS agricultural chemical use data are published to the Quick Stats 2.0 database only. Data are available for the following subject areas:


  Census of Agriculture

Volume 1 Chapter 1:  U.S. National Level Data

Table 45. Fertilizers and Chemicals: 2007 and 2002 (PDF)

Volume 1 Chapter 2:  U.S. State Level Data

Table 42. Fertilizers and Chemicals Applied: 2007 and 2002 (PDF)

U.S. Agricultural Atlas Maps

Acres Treated with Commercial Fertilizer,
Lime, and Soil Conditioners: 2007



Acres of Cropland Fertilized (Excluding Cropland Pastured) as Percent of All Cropland Acreage (Excluding Cropland Pastured): 2007



Acres of Cropland and Pastureland Treated with Manure: 2007



Acres Treated with Chemicals to Control Insects: 2007



Acres Treated with Chemicals to Control Nematodes: 2007



Acres of Crops Treated with Chemicals to Control Weeds, Grass, or Brush: 2007



Acres of Crops Treated with Chemicals to Control Growth, Thin Fruit, Ripen, or Defoliate: 2007


Acres Treated with Chemicals to Control Disease in Crops and Orchards: 2007




  Ask a Specialist

If you have specific questions related to this commodity that you would like an expert to respond to, please e-mail Scott Shimmin at or call at 202-720-0684.


  Submit feedback on the Ag Chemical Use Surveys

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is accepting stakeholder feedback in the form of data series and input requests for their Agricultural Chemical Use Surveys. NASS Agricultural Chemical Use Program is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s official source of statistics about on-farm and post-harvest fertilizer and pesticide use and pest management practices. Click here to provide feedback.


Last modified: 09/19/13

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