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Michigan office of USDA-NASS

County Estimates

Corn County Estimates
2013 Corn QuickStats
2012 Corn QuickStats
2011 Corn QuickStats
2010 Corn QuickStats
2009 Corn QuickStats

Soybean County Estimates
2013 Soybean QuickStats
2012 Soybean QuickStats
2011 Soybean QuickStats
2010 Soybean QuickStats
2009 Soybean QuickStats

Winter Wheat County Estimates
2013 Winter Wheat QuickStats
2012 Winter Wheat QuickStats
2011 Winter Wheat QuickStats
2010 Winter Wheat QuickStats
2009 Winter Wheat QuickStats

Dry Bean County Estimates
2013 Dry Beans QuickStats
2012 Dry Beans QuickStats
2011 Dry Beans QuickStats
2010 Dry Beans QuickStats
2009 Dry Beans QuickStats

Oat County Estimates
2013 Oats QuickStats
2012 Oats QuickStats
2011 Oats QuickStats
2010 Oats QuickStats
2009 Oats QuickStats

Sugarbeet County Estimates
2012 Sugarbeets QuickStats
2011 Sugarbeets QuickStats
2010 Sugarbeets QuickStats
2009 Sugarbeets QuickStats

Cattle/Milk Cows County Estimates
2013 Cattle QuickStats
2012 Cattle QuickStats
2011 Cattle QuickStats
2010 Cattle QuickStats

Cash Rent County Estimates
2013 Cash Rent QuickStats
2012 Cash Rent QuickStats
2011 Cash Rent QuickStats
2010 Cash Rent QuickStats
2009 Cash Rent QuickStats

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